The first camp went into its second half

On Monday, 3rd July, the final matches and the other basketball competitions were played, whereupon the participants got medals and diplomas. With this, the first part of camp, organized only for children from Serbia, has ended.

Zoran Erceg, famous basketball player, who spent most of his childhood in Novi Becej, where he made the first basketball steps, heightened the event with his presence. Giving his opinion about our camp, he pointed up that the camp is very important and it is necessary  to be supported in every possible way.

“These are the very first baskets I have played on and this is the place where I started. Pity I didn’t have this when I was a child and I’m very happy that Zlatko (Jovanovic) organised something like this in Novi Becej, and of course, I’m very glad to be here”

Zoran Erceg wasn’t the only one who visited the camp as a guest. Elmedin Kikanovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina national basketball team player, was also here. He said that he was really surprised by the camp. To convey his words, this was the first, truly pioneering venture in this part of Vojvodina.

“Through the conversations with the camp organizers I realized that they have big plans and that the camp is going to grow year in year out”, said Kikanovic, adding that the organization is quite good considering it’s their first time. “I remember my own camps. I have learned something new about basketball in every one of them, met a new friend… It means a lot to the kids”, said Kikanovic in the end.

Zlatko Jovanovic, the chief organizer of the camp at the river Tisa, is also very satisfied with the achieved so far .

“These eight; nine days passed so quickly. I guess that means it was great. Excellent practicing has led them to the finals and I can see, by their and their parents’ reactions, they are very pleased and happy as well,” said Jovanovic, adding that this is just the beginning . He hopes this  will continue and become a tradition in the years to come.

“Atashi” basketball school from Iran, came in Novi Becej on the third of July. Mehradi Atashi, who brought young basketball players to our country, said that this was their first time to participate in Novi Becej camp but he hopes that this is just the beginning of cooperation between Serbian and Iranian basketball players. He add that he would like these cultural and sports exchange between our countries to last and, in time, get to a higher level.

In the following days, young people from Iran, Romania and Cyprus are coming to Novi Becej to be part of this camp together with children from Serbia.