The camp is working full steam

The activities in the first basketball camp in Novi Becej are moving ahead under the watchful eye of a coach. 

Young basketball players, from 8 to 15 years old, practice fitness and technique of this noble sport every day on the open court.

In their basketball jerseys with Basket Friends logo, which they get at the camp opening, children are practicing again and again. They are working hard, developing skills without hesitation and peevishness. You can feel the positive atmosphere from afar, and the coach is also satisfied.

On the second day of  camp, on Tuesday, competition part has started. Camp participants are still practicing but now they are also divided into teams and are playing matches on the courts of Novi Becej.

It’s interesting how the viewers are present every day in a large number so every activity is highly visited by the participants and their fans.

Many activities, training and before all, sports gathering are in front of us in the days that follow.